Tuesday, 31 March 2009

100 PLUS

100 plus is one of the most popular isotonic drink in Malaysia. Last time I always wanted to look for a drink something similar to 100plus but last 2 year I finally found it in a vending machine located at Monash college. After that I found it selling in most of the Asian Grocery. The only thing different is the description printed on can. It is specially for sale in outside Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei and there is a sticker printed "Product of Malaysia. Haha, I am just too boring so find something to blog with.

Recently really busy with my assignments. Really getting a lot busier compare to last year. Anyway, I'm making a game (a simple one), and a motion graphic using Adobe After Effects. In few days time I'm going to post it in the my Multimedia Blog. Anyway, today is the last day of March. Meaning I'm already left Miri for a month already. sianz ahhhh...

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Long Long time never blog

Ah.. finally I manage to settle down restfully haha! Back to Miri, I never got a second to log into my blog. 24 hours a day in Miri is not even close to enough for me. How I wish I got 40 hours a day to spent at Miri. I felt sleepless, not enough rest, and so much thing I got to do and finish it.

The day I reached Melbourne I finally feel released. Its feel like I'm putting down few hundreds of Kgs burden from me. I finally feel rested, in peace on my comfortable bed. I had a 10 hours sleep. Never felt so peaceful for 4 months.

After that Alan drop by Melbourne and I really enjoy the time during his stays. Haha hope he don't feel disappoint with a tour guide like me.

Anyway, I went to fishing last Friday. Suppose to be Friday midnite, Saturday early morning. I went to a river near by Melbourne city to fish. I had a great time as I got 2 eel. The biggest one I got is like 2 and half feet long and 3 inches diameter.

The eel as in "UNAGI" the fish that u had in most of the Japanese food. After that experience, I never dare to touch any unagi haha.. I feel really "geli". The one on the pic is the biggest one. The one with converse shoe is me, and the other leg is my friend's. He is wearing uk size 10 shoe. Haha.. U can imagine how long is that eel.

Anyway, I got so much thing I haven't put up on my blog. U can see so much empty spots. I will update it soon.. I think! May be on my easter break haha..

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