Friday, 18 September 2009

Got iPhone?

Yeap, everyone around me own an iPhone. What so great about it? I mean like, why everyone so keen to own it. This is my personal experience. When I first own an iPhone, I feel like this is a piece of crap. After that I sold it to my buddy cos he like it so much. That's what happen to my first generation iPhone. After a while I start to miss my iPhone. Its like an addict. Then my bro told me he bought a blackberry and left his iPhone 3G aside. That is how I got my 2nd iPhone and I'm still using it right now. To tell you the truth, first generation iPhone is really a piece of crap (sorry huat, I sold my crap to u).

With my iPhone 3G, I can online anywhere I like (when I'm at Melbourne ofcause). I got this Optus as my service line with its Turbo Charged plan. This plan is just perfectly pair with my iPhone. Everytime I recharge it gave me a lot of free data that I can use to online. Up until now, I got like 2.48Gb free data in my current credit. I mean like, how to gonna finish 2.48Gb with your phone. Everytime before the data finish, it is my time to reload again that's why I feel like I got unlimited data. iPhone got all sort of apps that you can use to online. Skype, facebook, youtube, msn, twitter, google, and a lot more I can use. First generation don't have 3G, so its crap phone for me cos I barely can online with it unless I got a wifi nearby.

Some people ask me, why I don't want to get the new iPhone 3Gs. I would tell them, hell no. iPhone 3G is enough for me unless they got the video call thing and the dual camera. I won't pay for another Au$ 850 just to get an iPhone with just a better speed and better camera. My current iPhone 3G barely lag so why I need to pay so much just for better speed and I will not take photo with my phone. Its crap camera and I got my Olympus Tough-8000 12mega pixel camera most of the time with me. Yet, I own Nikon D80 as well.

Another reason why my iPhone is so fun. Its because of the games. iPhone got so much fun game in it especially this one, my favourite "geoDefense" and now they released a new one "geoDefense Swamp". If anyone out there own an iPhone and you are tower defense fans, you definitely want to buy this apps. I can say, no phone out there in the market can match with iPhone in terms of application. Some phone might have better camera, better gps, better interface, better usability, but iPhone totally own every phone out there with the apps. If you own an iPhone, it is just like you own a "Mini" computer.

The person who suggest Apple to release this "iPhone Application Developer Kits" is a genius. This software enable everyone out there, in both os window or mac, they can get this software and start design and build an apps for iPhone. I mean like anyone with the basic knowledge of programming. If you are very good with Adobe Flash Action Scripts 3.0, I dare to say, it will only took a while to figure out how to make an apps for iPhone. I consider myself not a pro in Action Scripts 3.0 but belong to the stage between rookie and pro. I played with iPhone Apps Developer Kits before and it is not that hard to use.

After I graduated from uni, I will want to make some apps for iPhone. It is the easiest way to earn money. I mean like, there are million of people owning iPhone, if your apps can sell just for US$1, and 1k user bought it, you already earn US$1k. That if only 0.1% buying your apps. If you make a really good apps, don't say 0.1%, there might be 10 or even 50% people will buy your apps. The good thing about it, you can work on it anytime, anywhere you want and you don't have due date.

and that's it. That's is all for my review on Apple iPhone.

Last, I would like to wish my buddy UNG NGEE HUAT, Happy Birthday and wishing you earn more money (I know money is the only thing that drive u now). Cheers!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

My Presentation - big mess but overall it turn out quite good

After lunching the Not A Tomato "Alternate Reality Game" for several weeks, it is finally ended. If you enter the website now, it will only show the Hall of Fame page that display those artwork created by our fans :)

So the final presentation to conclude everything. I think I really mess up the whole presentation cos I forgotten what I had to say. Its really shame. I'm gonna show u my part

I never get a rehearsal and I only got my script on the day of presentation which mean I need to memorise the whole script in few hours time. I manage to memorise them all but when I got up there.. I forget everything lol. Well that's all I'm gonna show you about the presentation. Its 1 hour presentation but I just took my part out to show it here enjoy and laugh all you want =.="

Last week I bought a toy "Remote Control Car". I bought this toy cos I wanted to use it as my references for my 3D works. The words on the package "Drift" attracted me so I bought it lol but most important is that this is a RX-7 ^^ and yea I ordered it from Japan Ebay and its not that expensive.

This toy car actually remind me of the "Tamiya" that I used to play during my primary school or during form 1 and form 2 I think. I wasted a lot of money into it but last last I sell everything also. This RX-7 come with the parts only. I assemble the whole thing myself including the body, side mirror, the GT-Wings etc etc. Inside the motors, rims the tiny parts, gear.. everything I have to assemble it myself. It is actually not well fitted and some of the part I have to cut it and sand it before I can put it together and here is the final look of the car.

I think the paint is not nice enough so I think I will do some paint job on it some other time. This car actually drift and I found this video on youtube and its exactly what I am owning now lol

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