Saturday, 22 August 2009

Friday once again! ~Power of Photoshop~

Its been a great week even though I'm busy to hell. Done a lot of thing lately that make myself proud of it. Hopefully everything will be this smooth till the rest of my life naive.

Here I'm gonna show you the power tools that i've been using a lot lately, from digital painting to photo editing. My digital painting (for my animation background) haven't quite finish yet so I'm not going to show it here but soon. Below I will show you the photo of myself that I photoshop it.


and After

Even though I used some spot light here but you can see the photo is pale and yellow cos of the light. Even my look also pale before the photo was edited. Forget about the words now, look on the colour of my skin and also my rough face and dimmed light. I can say, you can almost do anything with photoshop. That's the power of it. Before and after editing really a lot of different. That's why nowaday if you see beautiful model in magazine or poster or any print media, u minus 30-40% of the look in the print that's is the true look of them. Even if you have fat arms and legs, I can use photoshop help u become skinny and sexy. Imagine what Ngee Huat will look like if he is skinny. I will definitely try that when I'm free..someday haha.

Alright story with photoshop end here. I'll tell you the story of me and my face here. When I'm in high school, for some reason I got whole face full of pimples. I went to see doctor and they said its because of my gene and my blood that's why my skin is terrible. Then slowly it heals cos I eat those medi the doctor gave me plus a product name "Clean & Clear" helped me a lot. After few years my face heals but the scars all over my face. There's a lot of people told me that I can heal those scar on my face. I was thinking why should I do that. I know the scar will make me look terrible but I still don't wish to heal my scar. I just don't know why. May be I'm more man this way haha..look at my father, the scar on his face is much much greater than mine but he is one of the greatest businessman I ever seen in my life. I swear! From zero to millionaire and to zero again and now here he is again. Sometimes I feel like if I compare to my dad I'm only 30% of him. He is smarter than me, he is hardworking than me, and he is so tough. You can see, I'm born into a very tough family. Few of you here might have the experience like I do but both of my parents also so good in making money. They have their own path, have their own business, have their own income, but we are one family. That's the greatest thing. My mum used to be really professional businesswoman but she is retire now. My dad not same, he told me he want to work till 70s. OMG! That's why I told myself I got to learn everything about business from my dad..from the scratch. Enough of the crap here.

If anyone out there reading my blog, I know you all love me! So do love my work as well. Support me by going to

If you guys want more entertaining one, go to youtube and search for notatomato videos. There are heaps out there! Also many artwork posted on devian art. Thank You!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

[Layout] Top header

I got this idea like 2 months ago where I do a flash banner to put on the top of my blog. Until now I haven't start anything yet cos I'm too busy with uni stuff and I've been lazy around haha. Hopefully withing this month I can finish it. My own dot com is also half way already. I haven't register the domain name yet but I think I'm going to use I don't want something that is too fancy and I don't want my first name on it as well cos Jeffery can be anyone. I know there are plenty of people with the name mingyew as well but for some reason I feel more comfortable using mingyew this name.

I found few web hosting and I still don't know which one shud I use. I might just register a domain then use my father company website hosting. So I can save heeps :). Speaking of my father company, he asked me to design a webpage for him up until now I still haven't come out with anything. What a bad son lol. Basically I only know like 10% or 20% of his business. I have requested a company profile from him he asked me to make one for him as well. I'm like, I'm not the kind of people for company profile. First, my english always come out with a lot of grammar mistake. My brother decide to ask someone which is more proffessional to do it. So until now I haven't heard of anything. I still struggling with my own work here that is why up until now everything is still on the scratch.

May be after I graduate, the first project I'm going to do is to finish up my dad company website. I know I don't have chances to go out and explore my own career. My dad is waiting for me to help him in his business (**envy envy ppl out there**). Nothing to envy here as you don't know what is in my mind.

Anyway, the project that me and my team member working on is almost up. Please visit

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Transformers Inspired

Transformers! Yes one of my favorite cartoon when I was a child. Now it has come to live and they make movie out of it. I'm gonna admit it is really well directed and creative. Big hand to Michael Bay - the director of Transformers movie. I was inspired by this movie so much that I wanna make a memes out of it for the Alternate Reality Game that I'm doing right now with 13 others Multimedia & Digital Arts students. Our topic is"NOT A TOMATO" which people will play the game and search the clue out of many different kind of media including pictures, posters, videos and so on.

I downloaded the wallpapers of Transformers through google then start doing some photoshop. It come out pretty well I think for a memes. Here are some of the process I gone through.

First the protect wallapaper

Then the destroy wallpaper

and the fonts...

and ofcause the tomato cos our topic related to the tomato

and here.. the 2 memes I made. I'm not sure if its better with the tomato or not so I let my group member choose it. I also made a matrix poster as well haha

This one I made the background myself and just use the tomato before and the fonts I downloaded from internet.

This project is quite fun actually and this coming Monday the game officially start. Check out at I won't expose all the details here not cos the game is yet to discover by our player. Until the game end, I think I will post everything up to my blog. For now just stay tune!

There also some cool video I found in youtube. It was about the voice over for the Transformers character. When I first watch the movie on Transformers, I was thinking who's behind the voice of Optimus Prime. I think it is the best voice over I ever heard. Then I found the video of the guy who is doing Optimus Prime voice over. Check out this video.

Friday, 14 August 2009


Give myself a big hand after a big week and I manage to survive. Did so much work and also some silly thing that I never done in my life. I wear a mascot suit and run into a lecture theater. I was planning to dance around the lecture theater when everyone else was having their lecture but I too shy to do that. I've been really busy ever since this semester started. I'm quite happy with my progress now. Hopefully everything run smoothly till the end of this semester. I've sleep for total of 10 hours in 3 days 3 night. I think tomorrow I will made myself rest for a day then continue busy again. Sometime I just need a second or two to breath. Well.. I'm gonna back to sleep now.

Monday, 10 August 2009

do you ever....

The other day I stay at my uni computer lab to do my work from morning 9am till evening around 5pm something. I wanted to render my work and other stuff that's why I need a faster and more powerful computer. My own desktop pc is just too slow to do those stuff. Okay..rubbish talk stop here.. lets enter to the main topic.

During lunch time, I had KFC somewhere near my uni and opposite is a train station. I sit on the front of the shop facing the big glass on the same row with a lot other students. I saw a guy had a burger. Yes, just the burger. Once he finish with it he sit there so still without moving any single part of his body for about few minutes.. I was wondering if that is the way he digesting his food.

Suddenly he start moving his hand and pull out some coins from his pocket and start counting. Then he freeze again. After few minutes he then stood up and get his wallet out of his pocket again. When he open up his wallet, I see no money inside. Obviosly he is counting if he shud get something more to eat. I think he is still hungry but he don't have enuf money for another burger.

It remind me the time when I'm at Sydney. That time, I only have 1k every month to spent. After paying my rent and some other bills, every month I only had around $300 to spent. If a meal cost me for $10. Then every month I only can eat 30 meals. So if a month with 30 days, I want to have 3 meals, I only can spent $3.33 per meal. That is how I survive for about 2 years. I remember I always skip my breakfast that time and only had lunch and dinner. Sometime I skip my lunch as well if I don't have class. When I really can't survive with that amount of money I only ask for more.

I had gone through a lot of tough life during the time I'm at Sydney. I know everyday I'm living in pain and I just wanna quit and back to Miri. After I come to Melbourne to study, my life get better and I'm also studying something that I'm intrested in. I'm just not that kind of person for books. I enjoy so much on my study since I came Melbourne until 2 years ago when I graduate from college and get into uni, I mentally breakdown again. This time is a family problem. No one ever know what kind of pain I'm going through. That time I really want to just run off and leave all my current life behind and go to somewhere where nobody know me and start a new life. I'm stupid I know..

Theres a lot up and down in my life. Up until now there are few things that I am truely regret of. I don't wanna name it here but truely in my heart I wish I could go back to the past and undo those mistake. If its just as simple as doing "CTRL + Z". Whatever it is.. I'm still going to live on. People do learn from mistake and from the mistake I learn from the past, I told myself not to repeat the same mistake ever again.

It is 6.12am Monday morning...another sleepless night.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

My Room, My Studio, My Everything...

Basically what you can see here in this 2 pictures is what I got in my room. Its a roof-top room which I got no door in my room. The staircase actually is just behind my computer. I know, its a very weird designed room. Not sure who is actually the designer of this house but there are a lot of aspect need for improvement. May be it is designed by white ppl and not for asian living style. I don't have cupboard for my clothes. You can see all my clothes hanged there without covering up. If I didn't wear a cloth for few months, all the dust will cover it up. That's why I prefer to have a proper cupboard but since I will be leaving this place very very soon, I won't bother to get a new cupboard. My heater is just right beside me cos my room get really cold during the winter and it heat like sauna room during summer. Lucky I got air-conditioning in my room to cool myself during hot summer. Basically I spent most of the time in my own room. Beside the time when I go to uni and hang out with my friends, most of the time I will be inside my room. I eat here, I work here, I read here, I sleep here, I change here, I do everything here in this very room. During winter time, I love to open my balcony door and let the wind blow in. During summer I don't even want to step out my room. Its just too hot.

You can see my laundry also hanged inside my room. Only during summer time I will hang my clothes outside my house and I think 1 or 2 hours I can take in my clothes already. Its just dry off so fast during summer. I also got all the postcard from all the places I visited in Australia sticked to my wall. I don't like empty wall in my room. You also can see I got 2 chairs. I will switch around those 2 chairs just recently cos sometimes I need to jump to my laptop and do some work, back to my desktop pc again and also do digital stuff on my wacom. I think by the time I graduate, I need to ship all this shits back to Miri and I think I will throw a lot of stuff as well.

I have gather all the stuff I wanted to put into my own dot com. Hopefully I can finish my own website very soon. My animations, flash games, other artwork all will be inside. Its 5.17am now. I just don't know why I suddenly wake up go to toilet and I start taking photos of my own room and start blogging here. I think I want to back to sleep now. Laterz...

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Just another day..

Recently I've been trying very..very.. hard to finish the animation that I left for a year ago, trying to finish the unfinished flash game that I left for dunno how long ago and I need to handle my uni work as well. There was time when I feel like am I really suitable for this Multimedia & Digital Art thingy. I think slowly I get to like it…no I think I love doing animation, flash interactive or even the website. Drawing out your idea and building those artworks is like some kind of addicts. I’ve been going out to bookshop, getting those books and references trying to improve and polish my skill in this field. Why I’ve never doing all these things that I’ve been doing it these past few months? Before this I was just trying to get a degree and graduate from uni. Isn’t that stupid?

There is so much I want to do after I graduate from uni. One of the plans is working for my dad at Indonesia while during my own time, I will be making my own animation or some digital art work. I’m not sure everything will go according to my plan but at least I know myself love doing animation. I don’t want those skills I’ve been learning past few years just gone like that. If I get the chance to work in one of the animation studio here in Australia I think I’ll love to but the chances is almost zero. Helping my dad in his business also part of my wishes cos every time I look at him, I really wanted to help him. Up until now, my dad did everything on his own, at least now there is brother helping him but that won’t be enough. His business is just so tough and I don’t know if I can handle them so well like my dad did. All the people around him, those workers.. all cannot be trusted. That’s why my dad have to do everything by himself. I think you can’t blame anyone. In this world, if you don’t eat them, someday they will turn around and eat you. At least that is what I know so far in the business world. I’ve been growing up and my mum keep reminding me, there is no one that you can trust 100% even that person is your family. At first I don’t agree with that but after a while I start to believe it.

There is a sentence that read like this “ huo dao lao, xue dao lao” meaning you will keep learning new stuff throughout your whole life. There are so many things await you to learn and even you get to live till 200 years old, I still don’t think you can learn everything in this world. What is this got to do with my life? I think this sentence greatly affects me. I always blame myself why I don’t learn from my young age and up until now only I start polishing my skill in design and animation field. I feel like I can’t learn as fast as I did back when I’m young. I feel like I’m getting old. I always forget the stuff that I just learn few minutes ago. What happen if I turned 30 or 40 years old later? This word age really creep me out. I’m not a coward that scare to age and die but I just scare I will be forgetting this and that. I think no one ever worried about this matter accept me. You see I’m 25 years old. I’ve been asking myself for the past 5 years, “What had you accomplished so far?” I think so far I only got my UPSR CERT, PMR CERT, SPM CERT, YEAR 12 CERT, and Art & Design Diploma and I’m already 25 years old. What I have been doing all these years? I also don’t know. I will gets my Degree cert in Art & Design Multimedia & Digital Arts very very soon and that’s where I think my tough life begin.

What I have to do now is get my degree cert and finish my uni and I’ve been trying very hard to accomplish it. That’s is all I got to do now. Hopefully in about a month or so, my animation will finish as well as my own website. Trust me, I’ve been working really hard on them these past months. I’ve been saying that I will update my blog layout past few months but up until now it still the same. Nothing change at all. I’m still working on them…yea excuses and excuses.

and yeah..I written this entry at my uni and I'm still at my uni now..

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