Wednesday, 17 June 2009

My Nikon D80 back to daddy!

My D80 been to the clinic for the past 2 months. Yes! 2 months! It takes 2 months to fix it but worth it. I'm really excited after getting it back from the clinic. I can't hold back any longer and start taking pictures with it. I'm not sure what is the problem last time, but for this Nikon D80, they always have this problem. Below is the image of the item they change.

Why I said I bring my camera to clinic? Look at the invoice below, the workshop that help me to fix my camera is actually a "Camera Clinic".

It says, "Dismantle the camera replace the aperture unit, adjust the shutter speeds. Clean the imager and the optics as require. Reassemble and test the communication, image quality and the focus. Updated firmware."

They help me to change the broken aperture unit, adjust and clean some of the mechanic inside plus help me to update my firmware. Which afterward I feel it is worth to pay $ 295 which is RM826. As stated in the invoice, the aperture unit only cost $65 but the labour charge is fucking $180. Anyway. I did went to shopping as well. Didn't bought much. Just 2 fcuk tee. I've been so busy with my studio works and today's shopping really bring my life back. I've been staying in my house for the past 3 weeks.. the only place I go is the supermarket behind my house to stock some foods. I feel so released after all the works finished. This holiday, I'll just need finish up the animation and the studio work before uni re-open. Yea, its sound stupid. Holiday also got work need to finish up.. but I got no choice. Just stick with it.



Tuesday, 9 June 2009

New Iphone 3G-S ?

They got everything that I wanted on my iphone accept video calling. Where is the video calling? Apple keep coming out with new model of iphone but theres always something missing. Clever way to get more profit. Click here to see what's inside new Iphone 3G-S.

I don't think I will buy the new iphone. My current iphone 3G is good enough, plus I only need to update the 3.0 firmware. For now, I just have to wait patiently for the Dev team to jailbreak the official 3.0 firmware.

Between I got an awesome Iphone wallpaper.

Yeah I got a white Iphone 3G. Is not new but is about 1 year old. The AWESOME Gucci wallpaper really fit perfectly on my iphone screen. I sold my first generation Iphone to my buddy cos I don't really like the first generation iphone. I can't online through 3G, but now I can online everywhere I like. Although the speed is slow, but enough for my daily usage. If you love Gucci as much as I do, then I think you will love the wallpaper below.

Its not created by me but I google it. Now I can't wait to get hold to the new 3.0 firmware. Then I will decide if I want to get the new Iphone 3G-S. I was saving up for Wacom Cintiq. Recently I just wasted $375 aussie dollar to fix my DSLR Nikon D80. That is about RM1k. Its been 2 months! My Nikon D80 live in the workshop for 2 months. I'm not sure what took them so long to fix it. Damn.. I really need that Wacom Cintiq to draw my animation.

This thing above cost around $1400 aussie dollar. I want it so much. Haha. Next week! Yeah I'm going to get one next week. Forget about the new Iphone. Over the whole winter break, I just need to stay at home and finish up my animation with this Wacom Cintiq, I think I can finish my artwork faster ever.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Nokia N97

I was going through some youtube video as I normally do after I finished my work and before I went to bed. Its already been nailed into my habit. I saw a friend of mine "Chee Wee" post a msg in the msn with something Nokia N97. I'm currently owning Nokia E66 (but I left it aside now cos that phone always fuck up - I'm using Iphone 3G now) that's why I'm curious whats Nokia up to now. By just looking at the video in youtube about Nokia N97, the way it work really look like iphone but one thing that really attract me is the keyboard, front video calling camera, and.. etc etc. This coming July, Apple going to release a new Iphone rumours to be that it upgrade a lot of stuff. Hopefully it don't dissapoint me again this time. The update of the 3.0 iphone firmware is really on the right track but I'm not sure about the hardware. If its not much different from my Iphone 3G I will reconsider of getting new Iphone. I might just get a new Nokia N97. MMS, peer-to-peer, sending/receive file, video recording, cut/copy/paste, better sms function ( delete single msg/enable forward msg etc) , landscape keyboard, turn by turn gps working with google map, better email function.. all available for iphone 3.0 firmware. Hopefully they will add the front video calling camera for the hardware part and also better camera. Anyway.. I'm going to sleep now. Is 4.09am now and tomorrow I have presentation to do. That's it.

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