Thursday, 10 September 2009

My Presentation - big mess but overall it turn out quite good

After lunching the Not A Tomato "Alternate Reality Game" for several weeks, it is finally ended. If you enter the website now, it will only show the Hall of Fame page that display those artwork created by our fans :)

So the final presentation to conclude everything. I think I really mess up the whole presentation cos I forgotten what I had to say. Its really shame. I'm gonna show u my part

I never get a rehearsal and I only got my script on the day of presentation which mean I need to memorise the whole script in few hours time. I manage to memorise them all but when I got up there.. I forget everything lol. Well that's all I'm gonna show you about the presentation. Its 1 hour presentation but I just took my part out to show it here enjoy and laugh all you want =.="

Last week I bought a toy "Remote Control Car". I bought this toy cos I wanted to use it as my references for my 3D works. The words on the package "Drift" attracted me so I bought it lol but most important is that this is a RX-7 ^^ and yea I ordered it from Japan Ebay and its not that expensive.

This toy car actually remind me of the "Tamiya" that I used to play during my primary school or during form 1 and form 2 I think. I wasted a lot of money into it but last last I sell everything also. This RX-7 come with the parts only. I assemble the whole thing myself including the body, side mirror, the GT-Wings etc etc. Inside the motors, rims the tiny parts, gear.. everything I have to assemble it myself. It is actually not well fitted and some of the part I have to cut it and sand it before I can put it together and here is the final look of the car.

I think the paint is not nice enough so I think I will do some paint job on it some other time. This car actually drift and I found this video on youtube and its exactly what I am owning now lol


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