Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Apple Ad.

LoL I love this ad a lot. I think few more years, most people will own Apple instead of pc cos really, pc sux a lot lately..compare to the price.. Apple is not that expensive either.. Apple runs window as well now.. I found that Apple runs window more smooth that pc. I got a Mac Book pro with window XP installed it really feel good. I can switch between mac & window without switching computer. A laptop with both operator. Apple rulezzz..

Caufield Race Course

Caufield Race Course, originally uploaded by thefatez.

Something that ugly doesn't really ugly all the time.. it show some beauty at particular moment.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Its Good to take Risks

Its Good to take Risks, originally uploaded by thefatez.

If you can't read what is in the picture.. I've type it out below

"University is the place to take risks with your work. Making mistake is often the best way to learn and if you don't push yourself to take risks, then you will only ever produce safe results. Great work only come by pushing yourself. You should expect to fail sometimes, and that's OK, its bound to happen when you take chances. Just don't let fear of failure ever inhibit your creativity."

For some teacher above statement is quite true.. but there are some jackass teacher who will just fail you and don't let u resubmit.

A Day out in Melbourne

Yesterday I went out for shopping with my mum & sis around Melbourne City. Its Melbourne Cup Carnival weekend so everywhere is so crowded. A lot people walking towards the Race Course beside my house. Everywhere is traffic jams the place where I live. Thousands of people going into the race course to celebrate Melbourne Cup and watching the races. I'm not the kind of watching those stuff unless it is soccer match. So I went to Melbourne City with my mum and sis for shopping. When we reach Melbourne Central, I saw a lot people gathering around the stage so I kaepo and go see what happening. I manage to took the video as well. Watch it below.

Yes is a Melbourne Cup Fashion Show. This is how people will dress up during the day at the race course. Oh well before we go to Melbourne Central, we did stop by Crown Casino as my mum want to gamble. When we reach there.. its still so early and I barely see people around. Look at the pictures I took below, there are nobody around in the cafe inside the casino haha.. cos it was around 8am in the morning.

After that we went to Queen Victoria Market to get some souvenirs as my mum said everytime she came to Melbourne she never bring back any presents for friends. Queen Victoria Market as the name make the market sound so "High Class" but its no different from any of Malaysia Sunday Market hahaha.. noisy, busy, and a lot of thing to buy.

Everything above wasted a day of mine as my assignments is due next week. I'm still hanging around in the city. I went home after the market carrying so many things like "Ali Baba" in the train. All the pictures above took with my iphone camera. Yea its really crappy.

Monday, 13 October 2008

These album below *Recommended*

Album :
(1) 摩杰座 (Muo Jie Zuo) by 周杰伦 (Zhou Jie Lun)
(2) 不,完美 (Bu Wan Mei) by 李玖哲 (Li Jiu Zhe)
(3) 我的电台 (Wo De Dian Tai) by S.H.E

These album released recently like 1 or 2 months old only. Each have a different genre but I'm really into the mood of can't let them off my ears haha..

Blog Layout

I always wanted to put everything up to my blog as I've done all the banner and stuff but I'm too lazy plus my final assignments is due in 2 weeks time. Everytime I open up my blog.. see those empty slot for the banner and the sidebar seems so empty.. It make me feel like wanna rip my blog apart haha.. Not sure when I can fully upload everything up.. soon ba cos after my final assignments, I've about 4 months holiday. Is 10.33am now, I never sleep last night. I just can't sleep cos I really need to finish up my assignments. I can't do it during day time I just dunno why. May be in the mid-nite nobody will disturb me, everywhere is so quiet and it seems like I'm more awake during 2am-6am period. sigh ~~ my sleeping time again.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

So Quiet

Is so quiet around me... the only thing I can hear is my cpu fan spinning. Wake up so early in the morning, don't even know what to do. Trying to finish up my assignments but I'm too lazy for it.

My class start at 4pm, and its only 11.34am right now. I was thinking what I have to eat for my lunch 1 hour ago..and still thinking now. WOW I must be really boring. Can't think of anything.

Anyway.. recently I've been into Facebook a lot. Not becos of adding friends and so on.. but because I'm attracted to the "Be a Tycoon" game. I registered my Facebook account like dunno how long ago.. I never log in until one day I found this game.

The game itself look like the picture below...

It involve buying and selling properties and so on.. just like the real life stock exchange thingy. Buying low.. selling high and earn etc etc.. ofcause the interface is not as simple as the picture i posted. That's just part of it that I cropped to fit in my blog.

I listened to S.H.E new album.. quite impress me. So far I'm not really interested into S.H.E thingy but this album really attract me.

Right I gtg.. take a nap a while then wake up go uni..

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Silent Night

Gold Museum, originally uploaded by thefatez.

Mid semester finally over... relaxing moment ended here too. Lots of assignments awaiting me to finish em. It was too silent tonite. I barely hear any sound just my own heart beats. I love to stay late at nite cause it give me the feeling of peaceful. Nothing noisy and busy around. Its like the whole world only left myself awake. Manage to grab a picture during my trips with whole family ( for the very first time after erm.. dunno how long ). Right it is 7.24am in the morning.. time to sleep. Gonna wake up in the mid-day to finish up my works.

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