Saturday, 22 August 2009

Friday once again! ~Power of Photoshop~

Its been a great week even though I'm busy to hell. Done a lot of thing lately that make myself proud of it. Hopefully everything will be this smooth till the rest of my life naive.

Here I'm gonna show you the power tools that i've been using a lot lately, from digital painting to photo editing. My digital painting (for my animation background) haven't quite finish yet so I'm not going to show it here but soon. Below I will show you the photo of myself that I photoshop it.


and After

Even though I used some spot light here but you can see the photo is pale and yellow cos of the light. Even my look also pale before the photo was edited. Forget about the words now, look on the colour of my skin and also my rough face and dimmed light. I can say, you can almost do anything with photoshop. That's the power of it. Before and after editing really a lot of different. That's why nowaday if you see beautiful model in magazine or poster or any print media, u minus 30-40% of the look in the print that's is the true look of them. Even if you have fat arms and legs, I can use photoshop help u become skinny and sexy. Imagine what Ngee Huat will look like if he is skinny. I will definitely try that when I'm free..someday haha.

Alright story with photoshop end here. I'll tell you the story of me and my face here. When I'm in high school, for some reason I got whole face full of pimples. I went to see doctor and they said its because of my gene and my blood that's why my skin is terrible. Then slowly it heals cos I eat those medi the doctor gave me plus a product name "Clean & Clear" helped me a lot. After few years my face heals but the scars all over my face. There's a lot of people told me that I can heal those scar on my face. I was thinking why should I do that. I know the scar will make me look terrible but I still don't wish to heal my scar. I just don't know why. May be I'm more man this way haha..look at my father, the scar on his face is much much greater than mine but he is one of the greatest businessman I ever seen in my life. I swear! From zero to millionaire and to zero again and now here he is again. Sometimes I feel like if I compare to my dad I'm only 30% of him. He is smarter than me, he is hardworking than me, and he is so tough. You can see, I'm born into a very tough family. Few of you here might have the experience like I do but both of my parents also so good in making money. They have their own path, have their own business, have their own income, but we are one family. That's the greatest thing. My mum used to be really professional businesswoman but she is retire now. My dad not same, he told me he want to work till 70s. OMG! That's why I told myself I got to learn everything about business from my dad..from the scratch. Enough of the crap here.

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